Friday, June 22, 2018

Incredible Pedal Power

This is a story, that's about a very strange way that I shot a load.

Because of being from a big family I was not able to jerk as much as I needed to. For one thing, my aunt lived with us. She was home all the time even if my own family was gone so there was no privacy. I would have to wait days without playing with myself then try to find a place and jerk one out. I was out riding my bike one day and my dick got hard. It was not just a quick on and off boner but a real horny hard-on.

While I was pedaling around the streets I got harder and harder. Then the sexual sensations began. I didn't think I would cum but all of a sudden I could feel my thighs rubbing my dick. Then it was happening.
Oh shit, oh shit!
 Coming in my underpants!!
 I got a freakin' huge climax and the stuff made a bunch of blasts over and over. It was a big load all over my junk.

 I guess I was 14. I tried a few times to make it happen again but it never did.


Wednesday, June 20, 2018

I Scared Him Away

When I was 17, I had a friend who was 15. I was a little slow at sexual encounters and at that time hadn't had any. I knew in my mind that I liked boys but had never openly admitted it to anyone. I had a secret crush on my younger friend but he never ever knew. Me and my friend would get drunk occasionally and be silly.

 One night we were both drunk. I cannot remember how it started but we ended up talking about cocks and sex and it ended up with us both sitting there exposed. I was surprised at how much more developed I was than my friend, he was small for a 15 year old. We played with our dicks a bit. I vaguely remember touching him and him getting a bit freaked. I remember climaxing with him sitting next to me but I don't remember him finishing.

The next day we never spoke a word of what happened but looked at each other coy. It was the beginning of the end. Our friendship was never the same. Soon my friend didn't call or come knocking for me. I scared him away.


Monday, June 18, 2018

"Why did you let me do that?"

I think many guys might have experienced a similar let-down, like the reaction of "Pleasure receiving boy" in the recent story "Would You Rather?" Dare Game.

I know there can be any type of rejection based on how a partner accepts, or fails to accept a given shared activity. I truly welcome you guys to weigh in on the topic. Perhaps my own story of rejection applies as well.

Some of you are familiar that I was with Evan (a younger teen) when I was an upper-classman in HS. Our relationship was unique in the fact we had a deep emotional bond and I guess we began as friends, then oddly crushing on each other, and it eventually developed into a full-on intimate relationship lasting almost 3 years.

Our intimacy was heavily based on me satisfying him. Sure we made-out for a while, gaining our understanding of each other's bodies and building on the teen-age formulated pleasure methods: Petting, then kissing, and wild silliness of spanking, stripping teasing, coy temptation, refusal, uncontrolled laughter.... but eventually I was servicing him, and well, it just worked for us. Often an initial BJ, climax.... then a slow relax session in our undies luxuriating in each other's arms cuddling in a sweet state of bliss. It was in these delicate and precious moments in time that we hugged and comforted in cherished appreciation for each other, fully immersed in the wanton joys we shared together. He indeed thanked me, and plainly told me how much he loved me, in turn I devoted the same tenderness to him.

Eventually hormones would regenerate and we went at it again. Many times I would just blow him again, but occasionally I suppose a chance for new excitement, resulted.....the cuddle led to a boner and body heat led to the desire for full bodily contact. Eventually his penis would be aiming towards my bum cheeks.

With the dribbling resource of our combined pre-cum, I was quickly lubed and he would begin to enter me. I turned face down, then he would take over driving. He was gentle and went slow, but it only took a minute or two of his hips pulsing, then he launched a mighty climax pumping his cum inside me. I remember his heavy breathing as he pressed downward his full might, coupled with intense orgasmic release. Instead of the normal cooing and love. He retorted, "Why did you let me do that?"

Afterwards there was no tenderness, and certainly no arms clasped in hugs. He sulked and turned despondent. He was upset, and I couldn't explain why.

Certainly we were in a relationship. Indeed it was entirely private from our friends and families, but we accepted who we were, and that we were two guys in love. We had been together 6-8 months by this time, so what was it about that type of his pleasure that repulsed him?

I deduced that it represented GAY SEX to him. However impossible it might be to deny what we had been doing for the past months was any different. But it seemed this particular element of our sexual expression was completely taboo. I was only allowing him to receive pleasure, and indeed since he cummed so quickly, I knew he well enjoyed it.


Carefree Kid

I was enrolled in swimming lessons at a neighborhood pool when still a pre-schooler, maybe Four or Five years old. On the first day the teacher held a meeting with the parents as well as kids. One part of his talk stuck with me. He told the parents to make sure we all showered real good as soon as we got out of the pool, because the chemicals were a little stronger in that pool than in the typical backyard pool. Somebody asked why. The answer: Because when this many kids pee in the pool it screws up the balance. I thought that was funny. I also took it as permission to pee underwater, which I did whenever I needed to. I would also see other boys standing still in the water and know what they were up to.

Thursday, June 14, 2018

"Would You Rather?" Dare Game

We were both 13 years old, playing a game of hypothetical scenarios often called "would you rather?". The game is popular enough that it is marketed as a card game that you can buy. The game however has existed in some form long before a toy company decided to wrap it up in a nice package and sell it. The game is about giving two equal scenarios to choose from. The choices are typically undesirable ones like "What would you rather do burn to death or get ran over by a truck?" Sometimes the scenarios are gross "would you rather drink a glass of spit or eat a piece of poop?"

An important rule is that you can't say "neither" a choice has to be made. My friend and I were playing together and were coming up with some great, twisted scenarios when he asked whether I'd rather lick the homeless guy's butt cheek referring to an a very elderly and smelly transient we had seen earlier that day or suck his dick for 10 seconds. I immediately answered that I'd rather suck my friend's dick for 10 seconds. I even added that I'd rather suck his dick for 10 minutes than to even just smell the homeless guy's butt. The next few would you rather scenarios all included a dick. My dick, his dick would you rather suck it or touch it than do something else.

"Would you rather play this game for 15 hours or let me suck your dick for 10 minutes?"

That was the first time that I phrased it that way "would you rather LET ME suck" it was asking without asking. "Both". I had no idea how to proceed next because I didn't know if we were still talking hypothetically. We both became quiet until he finally said "I dare you" and I asked "what?" and he said "instead of would you rather let's do dares". I knew what was coming and his first and only dare was "10 minutes".

It was the first time he exposed himself to me, laying on the bed he lifted his shirt and lowered the waistband on his shorts to reveal his very stiff circumcised cock. It was about 5 and a half inches or so not incredibly thick but I wouldn't say thin either. It was mostly straight and curved up ever so slightly with a very prominent circumcision scar. I dove in and because I had seen my share of porn by that tender age I gave him what I felt was an expert blowjob. My teeth did not touch him once and my tongue whipped around and around, swirling around his shaft and the head of his penis. I varied the speed, sometimes going fast and then slowing down, I sucked extra hard and I took the pressure off when I felt that I needed to. I also used my hand as my mouth came up so did my fingers, gliding up and down in my own saliva. When he moaned I sucked faster and then I'd slow down, I was really trying to learn what he liked and any expressions that he made I knew that I was on the right track.

When I knew I was getting close I started in for the grand finale, moving my head up and down as fast I could, sucking as hard as I could and whirling my tongue around all simultaneously until he grunted and his back arched. I could taste the cum being deposited into my mouth with every spasm. I underestimated how long it would happen, when I took my mouth off he still had a few more pumps that flowed out of the top. I swiped it up with my finger and tasted it. His breathing calmed down and he turned his face towards me and without any discernible emotion, he dead panned and said "get out".

I was shocked and I asked if I had heard him right. He said "yeah, get out. I'm not sure that we should have done this. I feel bad about it just go home." he was pulling up his pants as he said this. I was still there and he repeated "please just go home". I apologized to him and he said it was cool but dammit that was the last time I ever got to come to his house.

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Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Re-Launching the BS Blog

A couple of friends of this blog have recently submitted stories that actually prompted me to re-launch the BS Blog. I had let it go on hiatus due to the low involvement there. It seems the problem might have stemmed from lack of up-keep. Therefore I gave it a fresh summer look, and you can visit to read the first of what I hope is a new beginning for Boy-Sighting (BS) Stories to share. It has a new Header Pic, and slightly modified name. However the format is the same. If you have a short story to tell about a young fellow who you felt was remarkable for any reason, then please share with us some details of the BS. ~ Eric ~

Sunday, June 10, 2018

Top Honors for Class Clown

In the same vein as Regi's post, then Scott’s mention of the hilarious CONGRADULATIONS: 

 The pastor of my church was announcing the names of graduates on a Sunday morning service. They all seemed to have major honors. So he read, 
  “Tommy Smith, Valedictorian, Summa cum laude. Jennifer Riggs, Salutatorian, Magna cum laude. Rafael   Torres, Perfect attendance for twelve years, President of the National Honor Society.”

 Then the pastor paused for a second, looking at the name of a boy who was fully competent as the class clown and had barely squeaked by annually. And now to the great relief of his parents and everyone who knew the family, the pastor sought some manner of praise to the young fellow’s  mere accolade of graduation. There were no honors attached to his name. After a small pause, the pastor cleared his throat and announced,
 “Daniel Whitson... Praise the Lord!”

 The congregation broke into laughter, followed by applause.


Image displayed is only  representing a "Class Clown", Bwah ha ha

Friday, June 1, 2018

Missing My Special Camping Pal

I want to comment about Eric's mention of guys who "found someone special" while at camp.

 That really did happen for me. I was horny as a stallion the summer I was 14. I was constantly feeling like the inside of my balls was itching. Then I would sprout a boner. If I didn't stop everything and wank, the boner made my life miserable.

 At camp the very first night I saw another boy jacking off in bed. I was too scared to jack right there in my bunk, but I came inside my underwear anyway just by kind of rubbing my boner while I watched the other guy's sleeping bag bumping around.

  I followed that boy around the next day. After while he went into a restroom and I followed. I had never cruised another boy before, but I got my boner out and started slowly pumping right next to him. Within minutes we were best buds, feeling each other and helping with the strokes. We jacked off together twice a day after that.

When camp was over and we went back home in our different towns I didn't know how to handle the separation. I had the most horrible empty feeling for weeks. He was my first jacking bud. When I got home I thought about him all the time. I pretended he was with me whenever I pumped out my bedtime loads My imagination exceeded any actual events of our brief past. It was pretty hot, but also kind of sad that he wasn't there.