Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Learning About My Stiffie

 My experience of how I learned about jacking happened like this. A boy from church spent the night with me, it was because his mother went somewhere out of town. So he had to have a place to stay two nights. My room had twin beds of which one was mine and one for company. But he was the first guy to stay over. He had on pajamas to sleep in.

 After while he started banging his dick under his covers. He raised the covers up and jacked real bumpy. Then it stopped. Next night he did it again. How dumb was I? Without knowing what was really happening . It was very obvious where his hands were, and working busily about his privates. I pretty much knew he was playing with his dick But what was to gain by all that effort?

 After he went home to his own house, the very next night I tried some different ways to play with my stiffie. In a minute I went to pumping it with my hand (which some guys say is built in to your nature). I pumped a lot. All of a sudden I was sweating and feeling crazy. Then the stuff came out. It got all over my sheets and pajamas and I felt real freaky. The other boy must of shot into TP or something. I did not know to catch the cum. That was the way I learned about it. If that boy did not jack off I wonder how long it would take for me to learn about it. PS He did it all under the covers, not where I could see.


Saturday, April 14, 2018

Firefighter Wizzer Game

I wrote this earlier and accidentally erased it but second time is the charm...

 I don't consider a Kindergarten game that I played with other boys a sexual experience so I still maintain that I did not start until 10 years old. I used to play a game in kindergarten that certainly had an element of "fun times" specifically I'm talking about exposed penises. The only way you could play the game was with an exposed "weenie" or "wiener" as we used to call them. It was called Firefighter and 2, 3, 4 or 5 sometimes more of us boys would use the same urinal or go into the stall and stand around the toilet sometimes we'd even use the trash can. We'd try combine our urine streams while pissing into the toilet bowl or urinal there was really no point in the game but some boys would start and stop there urine stream releasing in short blasts while saying "fire one, fire two, fire three" and so on. If an unfortunate insect or spider was in the restroom that poor creature would be the target of Kindergarten boys piss.

  We stopped using the trash can after the school's custodian went around to every class and lecturing the boys about finding pee in the trash. I don't think he thought that the kindergartners did it. In order to play Firefighter using the trashcan somebody had to tilt it down. The custodian likely didn't believe a bunch of 5 year old kids put that much effort into pissing in the waste receptacle. Instead he probably thought it was the older kids who did it since they were proven responsible for dried paper towels on the ceiling that looked like stalagmites. It was the courtesy of the Kindergarten class that the trash probably smelled like a street on skid row (urine). I figure that it smelled if not I wonder how the custodian found out. The receptacle was taken out of the boys restroom and left outside in the hallway.

 Firefighter was sometimes played outside and I was never interested in joining in, it was just much too risky. The playground monitors were always looking for trouble and a bunch of Kindergartners standing in a circle was worthy of at least an investigation. I know that my friends were almost caught. I don't consider this a sexual experience because yes, I did see penises but I didn't look at them. Seeing and looking are two different things. I didn't get interested in seeing anyone in particular, didn't look at anyone in a different way after I had seen their penis and I certainly do not remember being particularly aroused. The game was just naughty and fun but not in a sexual way. One kid, always followed other kids into the restroom including myself whether he had to pee or not so maybe for him it might count as an experience. The Firefighter game to me just does not rank like that but it is a fun little thing that had potential to be something more but definitely wasn't.


Thursday, April 12, 2018

Helping to Do an Exercise

 When I was around 12 I was very interested in other boys dicks. I didn't know about masturbation and had no clue about anything related to sex. I made an "outdoor restroom" behind some big bushes in the alley. I would invite other boys to pee there. In that way I got to see their dicks and also showed off mine to certain boys that I thought were not likely to tell.

A boy about a year older than me came over to play ever so often and after we got to know each other I asked him if he wanted to see my restroom. I had pipes and funnels and hoses and a lot of junk for boys to pee into. He not only wanted to see it, he immediately got his own dick out and also wanted me to get mine out. Every time he got his dick out it was erect. I thought that was its natural condition. He felt my little dickie while he wiggled his boner.

 His dick was the first erection I ever saw. It amazed me that a dick could be so stiff. we would feel each other for a while and then he would tell me it was time to exercise his dick. The first time I saw him do his exercise I was blown away. Exercise meant putting his hand around his dick and pumping back and forth a whole lot. He told me he was making his dick get stronger by exercising it. The first time I saw him climax I was amazed at the stuff firing out of his dick. Whenever he reached fulfillment I thought the exercise caused him to piss unusually thick urine. He pumped for a while and then let me feel for a minute and then pumped some more. When he ejaculated, the stuff that I thought was thick piss shot into the bushes.

 He would tell me that I helped him real good. I was very careful about that guy. I did not want my other friends to know about him because I was afraid they might all start playing together and leave me out while helping him exercise his dick.


Wednesday, April 11, 2018

The Church Basement Rituals

I remembered this after reading "My Bad Habit"

I was 11 at the time and every Sunday during church I usually  had to go pee. Of course I am hoping another boy would follow me to the bathroom in the basement. It had those big urinals this started at the floor and went up about as tall as a boy like me stands. Once a boy did follow me in, he was older than me.

"I been watching you." he said.
I was frozen as I stood at the urinal with a hard dick. Daringly, he stood beside me also with a hard dick. He just looked over at me, smiled and nodded. I reached over to grab his dick. His was a lot longer than mine. I felt his balls, and thought, Wow these are big balls. I noticed they had a few hairs randomly sprouting. But I liked feeling his longer dick. He let out a moan as I did a stroke or two. It seemed he liked it. I jacked his dick until he shot his cum.

He reached over and grab my hard dick, and feeling around on my balls. He says,
"Nice dick and balls, no hair..."
He jacked on my dick until I had my clear cum

Without a word, we put our dicks back in our jean, he smiled and I smiled back and we left. We had a jacking ritual every Sunday. No one ever caught on to us. I kind of liked going to church for that.

Farm Boy

Punching My Class Clown

  Was there ever a kid that did not sprout a stiffie in class!  I'm not proud of it, but I sat with my hand in my pocket and fingered my hard peter one time in a Speech class. If the slight tingle when you first touch it through your pants, sends a jolt through you, then you just have to keep caressing it. A simple accidental touch turns into something that overshadows everything around you. In seconds my dick's hard and demands more adjustments, two finger strokes and finally the thumb comes to the party. The life of the party is standing tall and holding court for any finger who will nudge or prod the jocular host.

 You guessed it, I am full-on wanking in class....So I got faster and faster and more anxious to force a climax. Finally I came in my pants. That was pretty gross. All this while people read paragraphs at the front of the room. My lap must have been really bumping. When the cum spurted out I felt like everybody in the room knew what I was up to. But nobody looked at me and nobody ever said anything.


Monday, April 9, 2018

My Secret Tree

 I do not many comments on here, but try to post something. Everybody has many memories, which is different for ever body.

Okay here goes-
When I was a wee guy, maybe four and five, we lived a few blocks from my grandmother. My mother walk me to the bus stop and waited for the bus. She put me on the bus and told the driver to let me get off at Clifford street, which is where my grandmother was waiting at the bus stop. I get off the bus and walk to her house with her. That happened a lot of times for me to get to her house.

When I get a little bigger maybe in school I walked by myself to wait for the bus. Not with my mother or grandmother. At the corner of our street is a big ever-green tree in someone's side yard. Right where you wait for the bus. One day I had to piss, so I go behind the tree and piss.

It smells all nice like Christmas. My pee it goes on the branches and needles. This became a ritual, every time I ride the bus,  I piss inside that tree.With the thrill of being naughty and almost in public view, sometimes I play with my pecker. Feeling sort of funny to get it out right there, it was very brave.

Lots later I think that might be where I can go jack. But I never did it. It did not feel as safe like when I was little. However, I sure did love to pee in that big ever-green tree.


Weird Fantasies

I don't know who can relate but I used to have horrible thoughts when I was a teenager and sometimes I'd get erect over those thoughts, sometimes I'd masturbate. I always felt guilty afterwards but all I did was fantasize about things I never acted.

 One time when I was 15 years old and at my friend's house. His little sister came in the room wearing nothing but her panties, no shirt, no pants. He starts yelling at her to get out and calling out to his mom but while all that commotion was taking place I was staring at his sister with a very stiff boner. The little sister was only 9 and I felt bad about having those thoughts, I wondered if I was capable of the unthinkable.

 Another time, my young male cousin only 5 was naked and I stared and got a boner I went into the bathroom and blew a tremendous load into the toilet paper. My younger brother's 8 year old little friend was laying back in our room with no shirt on and the shorts were down to the V part of the body. Maybe I wanted to pull them down because I knew that a fraction of an inch below were all his "parts". I tried to think of a way for it to look like an accident but I didn't do it. I did feel very bad though that I wanted to do it. My brother was 8 years younger than I was, I never had fantasies about him but I think it was because I saw him naked every single day, there was no mystery.

I did have a very vivid dream about my brother where I got him and his friend to play with my dick until I cummed. I actually cummed in my bed. It was a wet dream, but also a nightmare because I thought that I really had done it even after waking up. It took a few moments for me to realize that none of that had actually taken place and I looked over at my little brother and his friend who were asleep.

I went into the restroom and thanked my lucky stars that none of that had really happened. I hated my fantasy life as a teenager but I did get it under control and never acted on any of my fantasies. I really wish that when I was in my teen years I had a good friend my age who was fine with jacking off and doing sexual things it might have cut down on the weird fantasies.


Saturday, April 7, 2018

Lance's Captivating Floral Allure

Our newest Author Romes has shared below a few words on some of his nicer experiences, besides the horror event with Jeremy, he had some fun with pals.

 The years that I was active were great, I started at 10 and had a 5 year run. One of my best memories was with a jack off pal when I was 11-13 years old. I used to ride my bike to Lance's house, his neighbor had a flower garden that covered her yard, flowers on the fence, flowers on trellis's. I could smell the flowers when I turned down his block especially on a warm day, but even on colder days I could still faintly smell the flowers. The smell of those flowers always made me excited because I knew I was close to his house. We would do things in his backyard sometimes and we could smell the flowers.The smell of flowers reminds me of having fun with Lance.

We were sometimes joined by another person, either a very chubby kid named Brian who had a fairly tiny penis until it woke up and actually sprang to a decent size or Lance's cousin who at age 11 had the longest, fattest penis out of all of us but by the time we were 13, we both had caught up to him. Sadly we never had any secret play sessions of Brian and Lance's cousin at the same time.