Tuesday, September 18, 2018

The Freaky Ride

One time, I saw some dude banging his dong on the sub way. How risky is that? He had a huge tee shirt. Which he used to hide the action while he pumped away at his bone.

 I was like fourteen. I never seen him before, he was just some random bigger boy. But I could not take my eyes off of how the shirt was all steady bumping. I could see his fist jerking away at his dong. I had to watch it even though it was so mental. I couldn't help it made me bone-up, without me even realizing it mine sprang up and tented my pants. I hadda hide my bump when he got up to leave. I walk past and the Dude's shirt has got a big wet place which it was prob'ly the cum.


Monday, September 17, 2018

Riding in the Back of the Bus

When I was twelve years old I started at a new school for sixth grade. I thought it was great going to a new school with bigger kids. It was the first time I rode a school bus. It was almost a two hour ride after I got picked up. I didn't know too many of the faces I saw, but there were some bigger boys who called-out  for me to sit in the back seat. These big boys remembered me from from my other school before they moved up into middle school. They knew I liked to suck and swallow. One by one they would sit with me. Usually after school they would want me to play with them, but in the morning when it was still dark out, some boys wanted me to suck them off.

Never was I ever bored riding the bus.

Farm Boy

Saturday, September 15, 2018

Tasting his Sweet Juice


 I remember when I was twelve. I had a friend that was 11. One time he asked me to such his dick if he sucked mine after, so I said yes. Without warning he came in my mouth, at first I was gonna spit it out, but the realised the sweet taste of his "juice".

I was hooked. He never did suck me though, I didn't mind.

Chris W.

Friday, September 14, 2018

Learning from an Older Boy

This is how when I was 12,  a helpful older boy let me feel his hard dick.

 It begins on the School bus. People sat in the bus in alphabetical order, which was why this kid was my seat-mate. Although it was still dark outside in the mornings. I could see a lot of times that he was fooling around with the front of his pants. After he got his junk positioned how he wanted it, a place in his pants would be sticking up. Then he put his hand on that place and squeezed it a lot. I would always watch him but pretended I was looking somewhere else. One day he was squeezing like that but started going faster and faster and making the whole front of his pants shake. I could feel movement in the seat. I guess he was jacking off and letting the cum shoot inside his underwear.

Sometimes he just squeezed himself for a while and other times he did the fast shake thing. I was at the age of having a lot of boners but didn't know what you did to a hard dick. I would get a stiffy watching him play with his peter. Maybe he been watching me for a few days or maybe he just noticed I was also rubbing my pants. Finally he leaned over and whispered to me if everything was alright in there. I said yes. It embarrassed me and I quit squeezing. He asked if I wanted to feel his and see how hard it was. I just gave him a little touch that morning.

 Well a few days went by and like usual both of us would be rubbing our dicks. He asked if he could give me a squeeze. When he touched my stiffie it was like sparks went off in my body! Before long we felt of each other's dick every morning on the bus ride. He did not jack off every morning, but some days I could tell that he was doing that weird thing to his pants. He would rub and squeeze and shake real fast and sometimes stretch his legs out real stiff. He would stop for a minute and let me feel the lump in his pants and he would feel me too. Then he would bang around real fast for a few minutes.

One day he opened his zipper and pulled his dick out and whispered for me to feel the real thing. That day he put a handkerchief over his lap and did the jerky thing. After that he brought a handkerchief almost every day. He would put it over his dick and everything would shake for a while. He would stop and let me see or feel, and he would feel me too. Then he worked on his erection some more. After he was through he would fold up the handkerchief and put his dick back in his pants. I didn't know what he was doing but I felt real happy that he let me feel and that he would give me a feel too.

He was about two years older than me and I liked him a lot. I wondered about him after I discovered how to jack off. He must have gone on to high school by then.


Thursday, September 13, 2018

A Wonderful Tingle

I wonder how many boys had the level of self awareness this author did at a young age.
Read on....

My first sexual experience was at private boarding school at age 11.

I always knew that I was gay from age 5or6 year's old.There was another boy that I was really attracted to in my dormitory, and on my first night there I crept over to his bed, slowly pulled back the blankets, then after pulling down his pyjama bottoms and sucking on his semi erect penis, then I climbed on top of him.

As soon as my erect cock touched his I got the most wonderful tingle that I never wanted to end.This became a regular event for me until I learned how to have the ultimate sexual experiences with another boy.

Phil Green

Tuesday, September 11, 2018

The Nice Squeeze at Spring Break

I have enjoyed reading about other boys’ first experiences with regards to masturbating and ejaculating and have found that in some ways my first experience was similar to many others, but in other ways I think it was quite different. I will try to share my own story.

It was right before spring break in sixth grade when, during this one afternoon in school, I seem to be getting spontaneous erections, one after another, that were lasting a real long time, like maybe 10 to 15 minutes each before going soft. It was so noticeable to me, and I had to keep putting my hand under my desk to try to adjust myself, that I started to worry if there was something wrong with me or something wrong with my dick. When I got on the school bus to go home I quickly got another spontaneous erection that lasted during the whole ride and continued as I walked into my house. I was so concerned about it that I quickly went up to my room and dropped my pants to examine myself to see if I could tell if anything was different or wrong. Other than still having a rock-hard erection, everything seemed to look okay.

I then thought, maybe if I wrapped my hand around it and squeezed it real tight the squeezing might force it to go soft. In a way, I discovered that I was actually correct, but just with the head of my penis (I am circumcised, and I later learned that part of the penis is called the glans). The squeezing would make my glans go soft, but that just lasted for a few seconds before it swelled right back up to its full erect size again. But I also noticed, by squeezing and releasing my penis like this it sort of felt nice and when I would release it my whole penis with throb on its own a couple of times. I then started squeezing it rapidly a few times and then letting go, and again it would feel pretty nice and my penis would throb a couple of times on its own again. Now that I was realizing the association between squeezing it and getting a nice feeling, I started squeezing-and-releasing it faster and harder for many seconds at a time and then letting go. The more I did this it began feeling so nice that I felt myself driven to keep doing it, longer and longer and faster and faster. I didn’t want to stop because it felt so nice.

 Obviously you know what then happened. After some vigorous squeezing, when I let go I got this really strange sensation in my glans and then my whole penis really started to throb and this time it kept throbbing. And this strange sensation came over my whole body, and then 2 or 3 little squirts of what I thought was piss spurted out of my penis. Like many boys, I was now breathing really hard and wondering, what the heck just happened??? Next was examining what had squirted out of me, I realized it definitely wasn’t piss. It was much thicker than piss, maybe a little cloudy in color and not at all clear-yellow in color. I then started squeezing it again, but now it no longer felt nice at all. In fact, it almost started to hurt and I quickly went totally soft. Now I got even more worried about what I might have just done to my body!

 Luckily, by the next day everything seemed to be back to normal. But the curiosity of what happened made me try it again, and the same thing happened again. (I remember this happened shortly before spring break because the days when I was home on break I think I did it 2 or 3 times every day. I was already hooked on this amazing new feeling all over my body that I could make happen just by squeezing my erect penis. I don’t think I’ve ever read of a boy’s masturbation technique like mine at that time, not by rubbing but just by rapid squeezing the shaft and glans. For many months that’s the only way I knew how to make that nice feeling and squirt happen.


Monday, September 10, 2018

Play Wrestling

I remember play wrestling with my friends wearing just our undies. At age 12 one of my friends decided that it would be fun pulling down each others undies. After about 10 minutes of this and with both of us extremely hard my friend managed to pull down just the front of my pants and suddenly started sucking my hard circumcised boy tool. After a few minutes my friend asked he to suck his circumcised bone which I was more than happy to do.


Sunday, September 9, 2018

I Impressed an Older Boy

 When I was in the sixth grade was the first time that I started to go to a school that had one teacher for each class. The school I went to before was a one room school house where there was only one teacher for all the grades. This was going to be a new experience for me going to a larger school.

 On the first day of school. I had no idea we’re to go and what to do. The worst thing was I had no idea where the bathroom was and I really had to take a pee.
I was looking around and crossing my legs and holding onto my thing so the pee would not leak out which I usually did anyways.

 An older boy came up to me and asked if I had a problem.
I looked at him and said what do you think? I am sorry I did not mean to be so rude like that. I have to take a pee and holding onto my thing and I do not know where the bathroom is.
 “Come on I will show you were the bathroom is.”

 We went down into the basement were the bathroom is. When I walked into the bathroom I ran up to the urinal. I looked over at him and said,

 “These are huge.”

 I finished peeing and turn around while I was putting my thing back into my jeans. He smiled at me. I asked if there was something wrong.

 “There is nothing wrong at all.”  He kept on smiling. Then he asked me how old I was.

 “I am eleven and in the sixth grade.”  “How old are you?”

 “ I am twelve and in the seventh grade.” “Are you sure you are eleven?”

  “Yes I am eleven..... Why?”

 “Because you have a much bigger dork than the rest of the eleven year-olds I have seen before.”

  “Well that is what the older boys always told me at my last school I went to.”  “I went to a  one room school house and most of the boys there were farmers like I am.” It seemed to me  they also had big things too. “Maybe it is because I am a farmer is why it is so big.
 “Yea maybe that is it.

I finished zipping up my jeans.

In an elder tone, he tells me,
 “Listen you had better try to dry that wet spot off before you go back to your class room,
you will get teased for sure.”

“Oh well! I don't mind if I get teased.” “I got teased at my other school also for having a wet spot in my jeans, happens to me all the time.”

We introduce ourselves to each other. He asked me to be his friend. I said it would be an honor to be his friend.

“You are very polite. “

“I was brought up that way by my grandparents to respect everyone and to be nice.

We left for our class rooms.

 Even though some kids might tease others, there was no such thing as bullying back when I was in school. Maybe that was because the school was kind of small. One thing that was nice about the basement bathroom... you could fool around in there and not get caught. because you could hear anyone coming down the wooden steps.  

Farm Boy