Tuesday, March 28, 2017

The Blushing Swim Suit

I had a similar experience to this kid getting all embarrassed because of your clothes.

When I was 12 or 13 at summer camp. Us guys were all swimming in the lake on a warm summer afternoon. I was unsure why I was getting a lot of stares whenever I stood up out of the water very much. I had been to this camp before, and I knew a lot of these kids from previous years, so I was not a strange new kid. I kind of ignored it for as long as I could. Finally when we had to go get dressed for dinner I wrapped up in a towel. But back in the cabin I stopped in front of the mirror, and Oh Crap!! was I embarrassed.

 I'd never seen myself in my swim suit when it was wet. There were 3 different colors, a band of black, light blue in the middle and red at the outer edges. When wet, the middle section wasn't transparent but was way more revealing than any 12 year old boy wants. The fact that wet fabric clung to skin.... only made it worse.

 I didn't have another pair and we swam more days than not. For the two weeks I was there when we swam I spent as much time underwater as possible and otherwise tried to either cover up.


Sunday, March 26, 2017

The Wicked Ambush

Some stories on here remind me of something that happened when I was a little kid. I was a city boy, never been camping or fishing or out into the boonies. Friend of mine invited me to go on a camp-out with a boys club from his church. I was nine which was the lowest age you could get into that group.

During the day, we went to a private landing on a lake. Something I didn't expect, there were no restrooms, none at all. After we had been there for a while I needed to pee real bad. I asked my friend about bathrooms. There were some bigger boys with us, teenagers that were supposed to sort of mentor us little guys. My friend asked one of the big guys where do we Pee? He said to just go into the bushes and pee on the ground. Believe it or not, I had never done that.

 My friend went with me. We went way into the trees for privacy. I think we were halfway embarrassed about what we were going to do, and scared too. Exposing our privates in such a wild setting, and having this random direction by these teen boys, was just so crazy to us. We stood a little distance away from each other to get our peters out. I was right in the middle of pissing when there was a god-awful noise that scared me to death. Some of those teenagers had followed us. They snuck up on us and let off a blast from an air horn like you hear at ball games. I pissed all over myself, just really soaked myself. Don't know how I did it, but I soaked my shirt and pants with my own pee, and my underpants too.

The big boys thought that was real funny. They nearly died, falling all over each other and pointing at me. I was trying to get my little dickie back into my wet pants because they were looking at me. I could tell they really enjoyed their trick. A counselor told me to change my clothes. He chewed out the big guys but they still laughed and pointed whenever they saw me. When I needed to pee again I went off without telling anybody and kept a close look for guys trying to ambush me.


The Desk Set

Where I went to school, we had a single yearbook that included junior high as well as high school.

One of the full-page pictures shows a junior high class with several students standing around the teacher's desk. The photo was snapped from the teacher's side of the desk, looking out into the room. One of the guys stands at the very corner of the desk. His crotch straddles the corner, his balls rest right on top of the corner, and a slightly tubular shadow points off toward one side. There is no way to escape the emphasis on his junk. How the picture ever passed inspection and ended up in the yearbook is beyond imagination.

That seventh or eighth grade boy is now a respected middle-aged doctor. But all these years later, anybody who happens to page through the yearbook will see him unconsciously displaying his his assets on the corner of the teacher's desk.


Friday, March 24, 2017

The Day I was Strangely Popular

I remember one morning when I was 14 years old and getting ready for school. It was the first warm day of the season. Too hot to wear my long school trousers, shorts were the order of the day. I had not ordered a new pair of school shorts yet for the year and only had my old school shorts from last year.

Well in just one year I didn't realise how much more I had grown as soon as I hit 13 years old! I put last years' shorts on and they fitted very very tightly to say the least! I usually wore looser clothing and these tight cotton shorts that kind of stretched out over my dick felt nice. I didn't have time to pose in front of the mirror as I was already running late and needed to get to school.

As I walked inside the school gate I started passing other students and I got the feeling that something was a miss as a few other boys had quickly glanced at my groin area when walking by. I didn't think much of it until I was walking down the hallway and there were more eyes darting at the front of my shorts then back. Ignorant to my sudden popularity, I put my satchel in my locker and grabbed the books for my first class of the day. As I was walking to my class, I passed 2 girls in the hall, one girl pokes the other in the ribs and whispered something, then they both sort of snickered quietly to each other and I saw their eyes looking at my crotch?

  I quickly decided to stop past the boys room on the way to class for a check-out of myself in the mirror and see what everyone I'd walked past was looking at. When I finally looked in the mirror I felt an immense shadow of embarrassment come over me! It turns out that it was not only my height that had increased over the last year but also the size of my penis! Grown in length and girth. Then with me urgently throwing on last years shorts, pulling them on tight to get them to fit my waist.....it left the effect that I had an unripe banana stuck down the front of my shorts! This unplanned display was to be on show all through my unfortunate day.

My dick wasn't hard, but the tightness kept it pointing to the side and up at an angle. I wanted to go home immediately to change, but knew I'd have to fully explain to administration why. Instead, I just decided to hold my shirt out and over my crotch whenever I walked around for the rest of the day so as to avoid those awkward stares from my schoolmates, all probably wondering what it is I've shoved down my pants?

When I got home that night, I told my Mom that I needed some new school shorts as my old ones don't really fit me (it?) anymore....


Thursday, March 23, 2017

A Shared Story from BS Blog

The following story has notes that fit on either of the partner blogs.  E-

The little sightings posted here all seem to be fresh, meaning it seems like they "just now" happened. This small observation happened a few years ago when I was 16.

I was driving my mother's car to the store. There were some people visiting at our house and one of the boys wanted to hang with me, kid was probably in seventh grade. I am driving, and out of the corner of my eye this young dude is sitting there in the passenger seat, digging around on the front of his pants. Continued

Sunday, March 19, 2017

The Raucous Road Trip Challenge

During Spring Break I was one of the chaperones or sponsors (or whatever you want to call it) for three busloads of middle-school kids who built a clinic building from scratch in a little town across the border from Arizona.

Coming home everybody was exhausted. People were sort of testy, and also there was that depression that sets in when a project comes to an end and kids who have had a week of semi-freedom realize they're on the way back to mama. It was the typical bus scene: Some guys talking, some busy with their phones, some keeping to themselves. There was even a little arguing and squabbling. A few guys were sound asleep.

In the midst of the general background noise a boy yelled out, "Look at that sign!"

We were literally in the middle of nowhere, nothing but desert hills on all sides. What the boy saw was a large billboard alongside the highway.

Everybody looked. Some saw what it said and others missed it. Some of the guys caught the hidden meaning right away and started laughing in an innocently smutty way. Then there were those whose minds didn't immediately pull them in that direction. They looked kind of blank.
The ones who "got" the joke looked at each other with a sort of "Hmmm!" expression on their faces. Conversation sprang up, laughter began, and soon the guys were going nuts, acting silly, razzing each other and making pointed remarks. Even the youngest, most immature little dudes soon got into the slight naughtiness of the moment..

The trigger for all of this was a Wienerschnitzel billboard displaying the statement, "World's Most Wanted Wiener."

For the next hour or more, our load of twelve- and thirteen-year-olds were announcing 
"I have the world's most wanted wiener." Or they were asking other boys,
 "Do YOU have the world's most wanted wiener?" And even, 
 "Who wants to see the world's most wanted wiener?"
 One kid was scribbling on a pad, and I can only guess what the art form might have been.

 They threatened (good naturedly) to strip other guys in their zealous search of the world's most wanted wiener. One boy yelled, 
"Nominations!..... Let's get 'em out and vote on Who's got the most wanted wiener!"
That resulted with even more explosive laughter throughout the bus. Everybody was so worn out that this unexpected entertainment just sent them into a level of hilarious catharsis. "The world's most wanted wiener" brought everybody back to life.

And me? I kept quiet, secretly enjoying the double entendre. Sensibly, I determined you just don't mess with a mass movement like a busload of middle-school boys trash-talking about the world's most wanted wiener!