Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Madame Mayhem and The Boys Shower Incident

Years ago when we still had an open campus and parents could walk in and out whenever they wanted to.
A student in one of my classes was being raised by his grandmother. He had little regard for rules and other students alike.  The grandmother seemed in denial of the hellion she was responsible for. She was well-known for trying to run everything she was involved in, keeping the city council and school board stirred up among other things.

If the kid got in trouble at school or earned a bad grade, she would make an appointment and come striding through the halls looking for that particular teacher. She always said that she'd come to "Get this injustice straightened-out." I had the joy of crossing swords with her a couple of times. It was often that we had to referee incidents of him harassing other kids, which he denied fault, blaming even smaller kids for attacking him. The kid was a lazy party-boy with plenty of money, armed with distracting gadgets and a complete absence of restrictions. It was rare for him to hand in homework or participate in class.

On one occasion, the little jerk earned an F in Phys Ed. The old lady went hunting the coach and marched right into a locker room full of naked boys at shower time. Based on amused conversation in the faculty lounge, she screamed and ran out the nearest exit, without any opportunity to scold the coach in her flight of copious embarrassment.

Wish I could say the experience cured her of stirring things up at school, but she still showed up every few days to defend her useless grandson.

A number of years later the old woman died and her name came up in conversation again, including the locker room episode. The coach laughed and said,
 "Who do you think told her when and where to show up for that appointment?"



  1. This is a hoot. We've all met somebody like that grandmother. I know I have!

  2. "...her copious flight of embarrassment." Good Lord, sounds like a Victorian novel!

    1. Yeah I decided that didn't flow properly. It's now updated slightly.

    2. Yeah I know what you mean, I sometimes need my online thesaurus open in another tab to decode some of the words in the stories lol!

  3. That's quite a tactical weapon: naked boys.