Thursday, May 18, 2017

Ultimate Embarrassment Redux

That's not the ultimate embarrassment as in this story claims.

The ultimate embarrassment is being 14 and getting caught masturbating whilst watching the supposedly hidden porn of the parents whose infant you are babysitting. It rose to chaos stats when they surprise me by coming home early.

I managed to get my pecker back in my pants before they entered the room but I am sure they knew. There were red faces all round and it was the most awkward ride home EVER.

 To make it worse it was the daughter of my mums best friend, so I had the double embarrassment of my mum finding out. I never got asked to babysit again (thank God).


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  1. I had a friend who got caught jerking by his older sister, he was about 8th grade, laying on the couch, trousers round his ankles going at it when his sister walks in and catches him just as he's shooting over his stomach.