Wednesday, June 14, 2017

What are Friends For

In the age and place I grew up (USA), virtually all boys were circumcised, including me. But I guess as a very young boy I never realized that the tip or head on my penis actually had such an unusual shape to it. That was until age 11 when me and my best friend started daring each other to pull down our pants and flash our dicks at each other for a quick peek. That clearly forbidden activity did not take long before they’d get erect and we’d be flashing our stiff little penises at each other. And then, somehow we decided we should try grabbing hold of each other’s boner, like they were intentionally placed handles on our bodies.

I think it was in seeing, touching, and examining my friend’s erect little penis that I discovered the head of his penis was far from shaped like a round ball with a hole in it. I discovered that the head of his penis was substantially bigger-looking on the top side than it was on the bottom side, and the piss hole definitely was not coming out of a place where there was equal parts below it and above it. Then I took a very good look at my own penis and discovered mine was shaped pretty much just like his was.

That began a time of more intense private and personal discovery.  In the privacy of my room I discovered that the bottom of my penis head looked like it came together from both sides, and right in the middle it looked sort of like the scar I had on my arm from when I was 7 years old. This was when I first noticed that touching myself along this sort of scar by touching it there I could MAKE it get stiff! (I had never before realized that not only did my penis sometimes get stiff all by itself, but I could actually touch it in special places and ways where I could now make it get stiff if I wanted to.)

Washing it in the bathtub shortly after that, I rubbed along that special area and, sure enough, up it went. But, YEOW! Those areas seemed a lot more delicate and sensitive!

The next time me and my friend decided to play with our dicks together, I tried touching these same special areas on his penis. And, I got the same responses. When I rubbed his shaft right behind the head he told me it felt nice or that it tickled. But when I rubbed the head hard and fast he pulled away and told me that it was way too sensitive to touch those spots like that.

Neither of us yet knew anything about orgasms or ejaculating. But technically it appears we had unknowingly discovered masturbation – how to make amazing and wonderful feelings come about by touching our penises in very special places and ways.

As it turned out, I was the first one to shockingly experience my first climax and squirt. It happened because one day, several months after all this experimentation began, I just kept rubbing and rubbing those special areas and the more I rubbed the better it felt. And then, that special uncontrollable intense feeling came over me for the very first time.  I didn’t know what it was or if it was dangerous to do it, so I didn’t tell my friend about it for more than a month. Then one day, I had probably masturbated and climaxed 30 or more times by then,

I told him I had something very special and secret to show him. Amazingly he suggested a sleep-over, which served as the perfect event for his initiation. That night, by my hand, he had his very first orgasm too.


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  1. what are friends for to show each other there little secret. thanks for sharing your great experience with your friend.