Friday, July 14, 2017

Our Luscious Week-ends

Similar to Farm Boy in his Milk House story I had a friend that I used to suck off. although not in the country.

I was already driving but we were both in School, although I was a couple of years ahead. Our week-ends was the time we enjoyed most. It's like we had saved up all our energy for the week-ends. As soon as I could get over to his house to pick him up we blazed outta there heading to my house. My Mom always had plans to go out with either her friends or her Man friend. It's like we were so super horny in the car. I would unbuckle his pants and he would do a coy kind of "Oh no" in a high voice while I was reaching into his jeans to touch his cock. In seconds he was hard, and well so was I. It was crazy distracting for a teen trying to drive with a hard on and a handful of another cock. Fortunately it was only about 2 miles to my house.The temptation was incredible. I remember in winter-time to warm my hands I would shove them under his legs. The slightly taught muscles of his thighs felt warm and inviting. I couldn't wait to get my hands around them, and slide up over his round ass.

We both hurried into my room, shucking off our shirts and shoes then dropping everything on the floor in my room. I liked to slide down his pants, and undies to expose his young prize. Immediately after,  he flopped on the bed and I draped myself between his legs to devour his sweet cock.

He had just a spray of pubes above it then soft smooth skin up his flat belly. His balls still smooth too with no hairs, only bumpy taught skin surrounding those young developing balls. Our first of the week--end was always the fastest until orgasm. Since we didn't know how to 69, we took turns delivering our spunk to each other.

 Of course we headed out to grab a fast food dinner or pizza when we finished. At bed-time and in the morning it was a repeat. I suppose we would cum up to 8 or 10 each in a week-end.  Those times were amazing, I know we were lucky to have each other then. I still love Friday's, and smile when remembering our week-ends of bliss together.



  1. I remember that exciting anxious anticipation when you knew what was going to happen and couldn't wait until you're at the right place where the two of you could quickly strip off all your clothes in a flash and start messing around with each other's stuff.

  2. i liked the part about how you could not wait until you got home even though it was only two miles away. you just had to start to feel his stuff as soon as he was in the car. i wonder if he could not wait also and he started to play with your stuff. i also am thinking did he spilled his stuff in the car? did you also spill your stuff while you were in the car? thank you for sharing your great experience with your friend.

  3. Umm okay I am the author, so just an added note. My special pal was blonde not brunette like in the pic shown. However the age of that boy is exact!
    Hope you guys liked the story. I still get a little freaked out over what I once had with him. Pretty incredible.