Sunday, August 6, 2017

Summer Pool Partners

When I was a teen, specifically the summer when I was 14, I went swimming almost every day at a local public pool. I could easily ride my bike there so it was easy to get to. I friended-up with another boy there who went to a different school than me. His name was Jason.

We both rode our bikes, and soon it got to the point we were arriving at the same time every day . I always brought clothes to change into but he didn’t. Then one day he brought clothes to change into, instead of wearing his trunks under his pants and then just riding home in his wet trunks. Also, it seemed, when I decided to leave, he decided to go at the same time, too. So we both hit the locker room at the same time.

 The locker room had toilet stalls (where the shy guys changed) but there were open areas near the showers where you could also change. I actually usually changed out in the open but with Jason there and us guys  just building a friendship It felt weird to change in front of him. All the stalls were in use at the moment that day so I told him I was going to wait for one to open. But he started joking with me that ‘we were both guys’, and he didn’t mind changing in the open and kind of tried to embarrass me about being modest about my body (which I really wasn’t).

With that he pulled off his trunks and started drying himself off, of course he's standing there naked. So now I felt like a moron standing there waiting. So I pulled off my trunks, too. He's taking ages to dry himself off, whisking every droplet of water from each nook of his body.  I couldn’t help but notice, maybe I was wrong, but he seemed to be staring at my dick. I didn’t say anything to him, because maybe I was just actually being a little modest, but that’s what he seemed to be doing.
For the next few days, the same thing happened. When I decided to leave, he decided to leave, too. If I dropped my trunks with my back to him, he moved around so he was facing my front. I was getting to feel like I knew why. It never bothered me since he was cool to me, and I reckon I kinda liked the attention. 

 At that point in my life I had never yet jerked off with anyone. I always did that alone. But I heard of some boys that  did sometimes do it together. I was now pretty sure he had an interest in my dick. So one day when we went to the locker room I decided to test it out. I walked to the back where the lockers pretty much away from open view. I had decided I was going to give him a little show and see how he responded.

  I was an awful tease. I started to drop my trunks, but suddenly slapped my leg like a bug bit me. So I am standing there with my rear exposed, and my front still covered. I asked him to look and see if he thought it was a spider bite. He leaned in close to the front of my thighs. But he said all he could see was a hand print. I asked him to check again when the slap mark subsides. He agreed, but I knew I had his eyes focused and close to where he wanted to look. I turned away and proceed to pull off my trunks. I started drying my privates in a way that would stimulate myself a little bit. As usual he found himself facing my front. So then when I pulled my towel away I had maybe about 60 % of a full boner going on. He then looked at it and said to me, “Wow, dude, look at your dick!” I pretended to be embarrassed and said that sometimes it gets stiff on its own for no reason, and I said, “Doesn’t yours??” too. He offered to look at my bug bitten leg again. I complied with his interest. Which placed his face about 6 inches from my dangling boner. I'm sure he saw every wrinkle on my sac and maybe even memorized the shape of my glans. But he sure did not see any bug bite.

The next day at the pool, right away he asked me if I “took care of that boner” when I got home, which was admittedly really embarrassing that he even mentioned it. He then told me that he had “jacked off twice” that afternoon after we left. So our friendship seemed to now be taking a turn toward talking about boners and wanking habits. That day he walked right back to the same isolated place in the locker room and his mind must have really been going because that day, when he pulled down his trunks he already had pretty much a full erection going on. I pulled down my trunks and I was, like usual, completely soft. He then said to me that he thought maybe my boner was bigger than his, and he asked me to try to stiffen it up so we could compare. (Remember that this was in a public pool locker room.) We were in that that secluded area, but there were other boys coming in and out of the locker room all the time while we were in there. There was no way we could inspect each other there.
After dressing, when we were about to get on our bikes and leave he asked me if I wanted to come to his house. This was before cell phones so I said okay as long as I could call my mom as soon as we got there to let her know where I was.

His parents both worked so we were alone in the house. As soon as we got there he took me to his bedroom and told me he has something special to show me. From deep within  his closet he pulled out a box, at the bottom of the box were about a dozen well-worn Penthouse and Hustler magazines. He told me he wanted to show me a few of the “really hot babes” that were his favorites. This all led up to him getting me to agree to get on his bed with him and both of us pull our pants down and touch each other, imaging or pretending that it was one of those girls playing with our dicks because it wasn’t our own hands touching ourselves.  I had never done anything like that with another boy. Nobody had ever touched my dick, and I had never touched anybody else’s dick either. But apparently my body liked it because I did get a nice erection pretty quick, and his got hard quickly too.
 I was very reluctant to do what we were now doing, but when he put some lotion on his hand and wrapped it around my stiff penis, the feeling was absolutely amazing. I closed my eyes and just enjoyed what he was doing to me. After not too long I began to feel like I was close to cumming and I told him or warned him. He just started rubbing me faster and harder. I told him I better take my shirt off if I was going to cum. It only took seconds to shed the unwanted clothing.

He then started stroking me again and I quickly exploded a huge load all over myself. I have to admit it felt amazing having someone else for the first time bring my dick to orgasm. He then told me I needed to then do him. Of course this was the first time I ever stroked another boy’s erect penis, but that was enjoyable, too, and he shot a big load, too.
That summer we quickly became almost daily jerk-off buddies. It was a summer I’ll never forget.


  1. Bravo! Really great story!

  2. Since you were 14 you probably had been masturbating for at least a year and maybe 2 years by the time this event happened. When he was touching you and stroking you I bet you were thinking, what am I doing??? I bet you were enjoying it but it might have been freaking you out, too, as to what you were doing?

  3. i like the way you went about catching his attention and then the fun began. great story about your pool friend.

  4. Damn, I wish that happened to me at 14. Thanks for sharing. Be great to hear any other of your experiences.