Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Oral Favors

My outstanding friend "Troy," a little older than me, sometimes treated me to oral pleasure at the culmination of an unusually fulfilling session of mutual masturbation. This was during the years that I remember as being the most horny time of my life, say 8th, 9th and 10th grades. We would be really, really aroused, almost there but trying to postpone our climaxes. Troy would take my stiffie in his mouth for a few strokes. He didn't go down on me all the time, just when we were tremendously stiff and ready.

I offered to return the favor, but he wouldn't let me. I think he believed his erection was too large for me to handle. Besides, he was so attentive to me that his goal was always to pleasure me to the fullest, squirting his own load only after he was sure I'd enjoyed my orgasm to the max. The first time he blew me he merely put his lips around my erect peter and applied vacuum to my stiffie for a brief moment. I felt like my prong was doubling in length.

"How was that?" he wanted to know.

I was so astonished at what he'd done and how it felt that I don't think I answered.

Over a period of time he began to perform more actively, giving me warm and wet back-and-forth strokes with his mouth. I always pushed him away when I was ready to cum, thinking it would be seriously nasty to ejaculate in his mouth.

I remember his blow jobs increasing the stiffness of my boner and making me feel like my erect little peter was as solid as a piece of pipe.and more sensitive than words can describe. I believe I produced more ejaculate than usual after Troy's oral stimulation.


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  1. Those very first experiences with the warmth and wetness of another person doing that to you are simply amazing. I bet you really did produce more ejaculate when he did this to you. Thanks for sharing.