Saturday, January 13, 2018

When I Learned it was Normal to Jack

 I couldn't sleep one night when I was 12 years old. My penis remained stiff and engorged for a long time with only short periods of flaccid rest before erecting again. It was as if it was begging for attention so I turned on my light and locked my door. I laid on my back staring at my penis that seemed to pulsate with every beat of my heart. The magenta colored head of my penis stuck out of my foreskin, it was swollen up and looked bigger than usual.

  I wasn't jacking off in the classic way that everybody imagines it, a fist moving quick and furiously up and down or slowly depending on your preference. I was touching it lightly, doing more investigation than anything else and like a jeweler looking at a diamond I was noticing the size, hardness and color. I felt a feeling that I had never felt before but I knew what was happening. I've read a lot of stories where people said it felt like they were going to pee and for me the feeling that I had was entirely different. It did not feel like I had to pee, it started deep in my gut and radiated outward towards my toes. It felt as if I had momentarily loss control of my body.

  I was scared, I had read about sperm and how babies were made but I didn't feel ready to see it. Yet, ready or not it came out like a volcano. The first couple squirts landed on my stomach filling my navel like a pool of milky water. The rest of it flowed out of me like lava rolling down my shaft onto my pubic mound. The pubic hair that I did have was covered in this substance like hair gel, my hand did not escape clean either. I picked up some dirty laundry from my floor, a t shirt if I remember correctly and cleaned the goop from my hands and stomach. My hands were still sticky, my pubic hair was still spiky. I also noticed the smell of it and thought that it would travel through the house.

  I managed to take a shower that night without waking anyone, if I did happen to have awakened anyone, then nothing was ever said to me. The first time was fascinating and scary but I got over my fear and masturbation was a regular activity for me. I limited myself to 2 days a week because I reasoned that the less I did it the better it would feel. I also felt bad about it, I felt as if I was doing something perverted and wondered if other people could tell that I masturbated.

  I liked to masturbate but felt horrible that I enjoyed something so perverted. I also did not think that my other friends in Middle School ever did what I did. I couldn't imagine them doing it. The only time jacking off was ever discussed was if it was a joke. People teased each other about it and liked to accuse kids of doing it and the kid being accused would sharply deny it and turn the accusation back around to the accuser who would of course deny it.

  One day I went to my friends house, I always used to just knock on his window instead of going to the front door. I came to knock and noticed through the glass...him with headphones on attached to his computer he was standing up. He had lowered his pants and his penis was curved up, he was touching it. I had never seen another boys penis in this state.

 I was mesmerized looking through the gap in his curtain, he was masturbating..... just like I did. He held out his hand and caught the cum in his hand and wiped it on his pants. He was a kid that I thought of as cool and if he did this too, well then perhaps it couldn't be that bad after all. I felt good to know that I wasn't the only middle school kid who jacked off. I now knew at least one other person in my school enjoyed the same activity that I did.

 Instead of knocking on the window, right after he finished I just went back home. (I didn't jack off, I just had to mention that because it was less of a turn on than it was validation that I wasn't a pervert.) I went home and watched a TV show and came back to his house an hour later. I knocked on the window, he saw me and came around and let me in. It was like nothing happened, I didn't mention anything and he didn't act any differently than usual. He was wearing different clothes than I had saw him in when he masturbated, I saw the pants in the hamper in the corner of his room.

  The first chance that I got when he was out of the room I picked out the pants and examined them. I saw the cum dried up where he had wiped it earlier. The goo reminded me of a giant snail trail. I sniffed the dried area but couldn't tell if I was smelling the fabric itself or the dried cum. I put the pants back before he came in again. The next time I masturbated, I didn't feel bad about it at all.

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  2. after reading your experience of your first time squirting. then going to your friends house and looking in the window and seeing him doing the very same thing that you are doing in your bedroom. made me think did you look in his window from then on to see if he was doing it again? before you tap on his window to let you in? thank you for sharing your first time experience.

    1. Yes, I always hoped to see him doing it again but I was not quite so lucky. I had better luck finding the evidence. I found "snail trails" a few more times on his clothes.

  3. Interesting, a well-detailed story of your very first time. Your penis was ready that evening, whether you were or not.

    And I will agree with you that I didn't think any of my friends or classmates in middle school ever did it either. Just me.

    Thanks for sharing the story.


  4. FUN story. The pic of guy on the computer you put here is a perfect accompanist to this story.