Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Sporting a Brand New Pair

This Author of this little story captures one the finest pleasures I can remember as young 11 to13er. This goes back to a time when a kid wasn't spoiled or treated to nice things often, aside from a maybe a bike and perhaps a skateboard. The clothes we wore were just essentials to protect us at play, or something required for school. If a boy finds himself satisfied in an intimate article of clothing, the feeling is surely genuine. Read how this youngster felt.

New underwear was a luxury item when I was a kid. I wore my old ones until they were too tight. Or else there would be holes all in them. And of course, stains. Finally my mother would come home from a shopping trip and hand me a package of new briefs.

We were a modest family, so I could not show off my underpants to anybody, but wearing them made me very proud. Sometimes I would think about my new white briefs while I was at school or out playing. They were a big deal and I felt very fortunate to have them on.

When I was got to be 12 and 13 and on into 14 new underwear did something crazy for me. They gave me a boner. I would open the package and throw the wrapper away. I believe there were three pairs in a package. Two went into my drawer and I held up the third pair, admiring their immaculate whiteness. I shook the wrinkles out of them and grooved on their perfectly white, unstained softness. After showering I began putting my brand-new undies on. As I stepped into them and carefully slid them upwards, my dick would start feeling funky. I pulled them up my legs and in a minute there was a genuine stiffie in my new whitie-tighties.

I bumped my hard dick against things in the bathroom. I moved my dick around, usually putting it at a diagonal angle behind the fly. I looked at the outline of my hard-on in the mirror. Sometimes I tickled my stiffie. There was something magical about the fabric when it was new. The fit was correct around the leg-openings, my stuff didn't peek out anywhere, and it seems everything stayed arranged just as they were meant to. The fabric was soft yet taut all at the same time, which ever way I arranged my junk, new undies seemed to hold my favored placement. New undies also made for random boners too.

In seconds I could get fully hard. Not wanting to get my new underpants dirty, I slid them down and wrapped toilet paper or kleenex around my dick just in case a drop of hard-dick-goo might ooze out. Then I pulled the soft white undies up again, mashing and rubbing the bulge they contained. I never spent much time in front of mirrors, but with a nice bright white pair on, I couldn't help but marvel at the remarkable prize they awarded.

When bedtime came around I was on a hair-trigger, having been on edge ever since putting on the new shorts. Laying in bed with my beautifully white new undies tugged down around my knees (where they were out of the line of fire), I began to delight my touchy stiffie, fingering and squeezing and tickling my paralyzed dick. Before long I was giving myself that much-needed wank.

After blowing my load into a handful of kleenex, I once again wrapped more tissues around my softening dick to eliminate the slightest chance of getting the undies dirty. Then I pulled the new underpants up to enclose my crotch.

I was so careful with new underwear. But inevitably I would dirty them with a wet fart or some stray specks of piss, or even a tell-tale drop of cum that had got out of control.

The shorts would eventually become old and lose their effect. The elastic became loose, the fly was yellowed, there were signs of improperly shielded ejaculations.The leg openings now allowed more air, and occasionally one of the boys would find it's way out, and if I was in jeans the experience was morbidly painful if it got pinched by the crotch grabbing power of denim.

But then, some special day, my mom would hand me a new package of pristine undies that would brighten my eyes, then of course immediately stiffen my delighted dick as soon as I unwrapped them in my room.



  1. Nice one. Enjoyed it.

  2. I can relate to this story in so many ways! Reading it took me back to a time when I used to get the exact same feelings whenever I got a new package of briefs. Back then, everyone wore briefs or the more stylish low-rise and bikini style briefs which were very popular when I was growing up. Those feelings have stayed with me for many years and even today I still experience the same excitement and energy whenever I get some new underwear. I still prefer briefs, low rise or bikini style and haven't gotten into boxer and boxer brief styles that have become so popular.

    1. when i was in school all the boys only wore white briefs. just like the author said in his experience i also wore them until they would not stay up because the elastic band gave out. even then when that would happen mom would use a safety pin and bunch the band together and pin it so they would not fall down. no one ever made fun of it when you had a safety pin holding up your undies. that was because it also happen to them.

    2. Jeez FB you're hard core!! I wore a safety pin only one time for a floppy pair of undies I had, it came unfastened and poked me in the tender areas of my waist. I asked Mom to buy me some new undies and never allowed metal inside my pants ever again.

  3. thank you posting this great experience you had getting new underwear. i can understand all to well how you felt just getting new underwear. one thing i would like to ad. the only time i did get new clothes of any kind was at Christmas i wore jeans. i had to wear them with patches. and if they were dirty i wore them because it was not wash day. once again thank you for posting this great story on what it was like growing up with out all the toys cell phones and computers etc. the kids have today.