Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Getting My First

I was right around the age of twelve when I first spilled my sperm. I already knew all about masturbating from watching my friends do it to themselves. They always teased me because I would not let them jack me off. I mean.... I would let them jack me to the point were it started to feel funny then I made them stop jacking on my peter.

One day I was all alone in the house and I said to myself I was going make it happen. I was in the bathroom standing over the toilet seat and admiring my hard peter. I grab some Vaseline and rub it on my peter like my friends would do to me when they jacked on my peter. I reach down and started to play with my peter. The foreskin would move up over the head as I was jacking. The more I jacked, the better it felt. I started to feel like I did when they were jacking me. I started to stiffen up but I could not stop jacking.

Then something started to happen.... my peter was getting a little harder. My body started to jerk. My hand seemed to have a mind of its own. I started to breath heavier. I just could not stop jacking and then it happened. Sperm flew all over the toilet seat. Although there was not very much sperm, but it was white in color. I straighten up my breathing started to calm down. I looked down at my peter, it was starting to slowly go down. I grab some toilet paper and wipe the head off. I wipe-up all the sperm that flew onto the toilet seat. I thought that was amazing. From that time on, I had to jack off all the time, I was also jacking to a cum along with my friends.

Farm Boy

Monday, August 13, 2018

"Naked Night" at Camp?

Did anybody else ever have "Naked Night" at camp?

 I went to several camps without ever hearing about it, but when I was about 12 the counselor in our cabin asked if we wanted to have a naked night. I didn't know what it was. Another boy told me you take all your clothes off and just go on about your business. He giggles and said, you can see everybody else's peter. It seemed interesting enough, I felt I should at least watch all this.

 So the counselor said we would begin naked night 30 minutes before bedtime. Then after the naked rumpus, we all got in bed, but we were all still naked.

 My friend tip-toed to me and whispered, wait and see what happens. People were giggling. In a while it got quiet like they were asleep. Then a bigger boy got up and went real quiet to another boy's bed. He was still bare. He turned around to us and put his finger to his lips. Then he took hold of the boy's covers and suddenly pulled them up. The boy in the bed was holding onto his dick. At my age of innocence I thought he was just hiding his peter, but there was more to it than that. The bigger boy who'd pulled the covers back said, "Caught you bopping it!" In straight-up denial the other guy said that he was not.

After while another boy got up and prowled around the room, looking at all the other boys. He said to a boy, "You are doing it." The one in bed always denied he was doing anything. But his covers would be pulled back to see if he really was doing something. Then the other dude said "But you got a boner going."

They had another Naked Night. I thought it would be cool to have my covers pulled back. I laid very still, holding onto my dick and pretending to be asleep. After while a boy came to my bed and said I was doing it. I said no I was not. That was true because I didn't know what he was talking about. But he pulled back my covers and said, Ronnie's got a stiffie.

It seemed like most boys wanted somebody to sneak up and expose their peters. The guys that didn't play kept their underpants on and told the others, get away from me. It was the first time I played any game about my dick. After a naked night people talked about who had boners in bed and if they were bopping it.


Friday, August 10, 2018

A Boy in Nature

Joe read this post and reflected on something from his past, he shares some thoughts below.

Being 14 is an awesome year. Boys are getting a nice physique, yet often still cute and petite. Many of them still have their long locks, and the skin is still fresh and smooth. The voice is might be kind of high, but cracking with a deeper tone.

 I remember being extra horny in those years. I used to like riding my bike into the woods, get to place where I thought no one can see me, bring my pants and underwear to my knees and jerk-off.

The feel of the cool air on my dick and balls was so exciting. It was secluded sure, but so different than doing it at home. Perhaps it was slightly more naughty and daring.  But so worth it, here with crisp air, light breezes, the dampness of spring-time grass under my feet. It all just magnified every sensation, until the eventual release was massive. I'd have these tense straining cum blasts that felt like you'd just dump a whole gallon!


Thursday, August 9, 2018

Doing it Together is More Fun....Even If?

This reader's comment was on  "I was Maybe his Secret Gay Outlet", I felt it should run as a post.  E~

I had a regular jacking friend in 8th and 9th grade and we actually talked about whether jacking together meant we were gay. If I remember, we talked about it in two opposite ways.

[1] If he jacks me off but I don't jack him off, I'm not gay.


[2] If I jack him off but he doesn't jack me off, I'm not gay.

We never resolved it, never figured out if either one was true. At that age neither of those rules really meant anything, however we shot lots of loads together but only rarely touched each other for fear of appearing gay.

As it turned out, I was and he wasn't. But we had no way of figuring it out at 14 and 15, just knew that doing it together with the other dude increased the good feelings.


Wednesday, August 8, 2018

A Horny Ride

Oh you guys will have fun with this one.

My grandfather was a carpenter. He did jobs such as remodeling a house or adding a room. For several years I lived with my grandparents and during the summers I would often go out on a job with him. That made me feel pretty big.

One time Grandpa and his crew were on a project when they ran out of dry-wall screws. Any glitch like that irritated Grandpa because he prided himself on planning every project down to the last nail. Now somebody had to waste time leaving the job site and making a run to the builder's supply store.

Apparently he thought I was the least useful person on the job, so he hollered for me, dangled the keys to his pickup at me and told me to get my butt in gear.

I walked out front and got in the driver's seat with my heart pounding. I was 14. It didn't occur to Grandpa that I had never driven on the streets before. As a matter of fact my entire driving experience was limited to a few instances of moving my grandmother's car up and down the driveway. I certainly didn't have a driver's license, not even a learner's permit. What's more, the pickup had a standard transmission with the shift lever on the steering column. And that meant I had a clutch pedal to think about also. I was deeply exhilarated at the unexpected chance to drive, but also more than a little scared. All I knew about shifting was what I'd observed while Grandpa drove.

Now, a little background about another event. A few months earlier I woke up one morning and found gooey stuff in my boxers. My cousin Ben, who shared a room with me at our grandparents' house, identified the stuff as cum and congratulated me. With his help I learned how to fire my pistol whenever I needed relief.

I was in the 8th grade at the time and became horny nearly every day at school. I began to walk through a city park each day on my way home so I could pump one out in the restroom rather than arriving home with a boner in my low-rise jeans.

Now I was in Grandpa's nice baby-blue-and-white Ford pickup, engine running, clutch depressed, gearshift in what I hoped was "Low," hands firmly gripping the steering wheel. I released the clutch pedal. Too fast! The vehicle leaped forward and stalled. Again. Another uncontrolled lurch.

But it soon became easy. Within a few blocks I was rolling happily down the street and accelerating smoothly away from stop signs and traffic lights. And of course I was loving it. By the time I bought the screws and started back, I had mastered the whole rhythm of clutch-shift-gas. I was thoroughly psyched, an invincible driver after only 20 or 30 minutes!

But while I drove smoothly along the streets, something unforeseen happened. As I covered block after block my dick extended itself inside last-year's tight jeans and became increasingly aroused. I was seriously primed. Each shift, each operation of the clutch, each turn of the wheel - everything about driving communicated a further degree of erection to my stiff dick.

I believe now that the excitement of driving that stick-shift truck for the first time was somehow a sexual event in my subconscious, contributing to my coming-of-age and making me so increasingly horny that I couldn't stand it.

Then an idea: Why not detour to the park and take care of my need before heading back to the job? All of us know that feeling of freedom the first time we drive alone. I can go anywhere, do anything. So I drove to the park, steered the truck expertly between the white lines of a parking space, and looked around. It would be so perfect if some of my friends happened to see me driving. But that didn't happen.

What did happen was one of the most intense orgasms I ever enjoyed. Driving the truck had made me so unbearably hard that I was already on "final approach," so to speak, while tugging at my zipper and pulling out my enlarged cum-shooter from the too-small "work" jeans. Within my first few strokes the climactic feelings washed over my whole body. I couldn't believe that I was already cumming. But it was true - the unexplainable feeling of "almost there" was followed by a moment of suspense while my delivery system reached its critical moment.

And then came the blast! It was simply unbelievable. Ben and I played around a lot, including bedtime wanks. But this one was different. It was a full-body sensual explosion that sent streams and lumps of pressurized ejaculate spurting onto the wall above the trough. I stood there with a string of cum hanging from my dick, heart pounding like it had when I first sat in the truck's driver seat. "Wow," was all I could think. "Wow!"

I took my time heading back to the job site, driving around just for the hell of it. My dick kept reminding me that I'd had an epic experience at the park. Without taking my eyes off the road I reached down and turned on the radio, locating an AM pop station that Grandpa would have never allowed. I was master of the world, driving that truck and grooving over my feeling of sexual satisfaction.

 I pulled up in front of the job site still savoring the intensity of the whole adventure. Handed Grandpa the keys and the screws.

"Took you long enough," he complained.

"Yeah," I agreed, and went back to work prying up baseboards.


Tuesday, August 7, 2018

The Fountain of Very White, Foamy "Stuff"

Hi Eric -  I am submitting this follow-up to that sleepover story o f mine:
After my first cum at 13, at the hands of my best friend on that sleepover, I turned a page in my life and I was no longer that innocent little boy anymore. Now I knew about sex. I became quieter and more of an introvert. I was confused by how much I loved seeing and touching my friends penis and cringed at the thought of someone else finding that out!
 I began to think of girls a lot less and of boys a lot more. I would think about "special" sleepovers with them, especially the petite long-haired cute boys. I would also relive that night with my friend very often in my mind and get very excited.
Up to this point I had never masturbated. I didn't even know how it was done! So now allow me to detail the follow-up which was a short time after the sleepover. It's still summer vacation and I decided to watch TV in our den. I put some pillows together and laid down on my back on the couch. I was wearing a T-shirt and little "dolphin" shorts (blue with white stripes on the side), and tube socks (I'm dating myself!). As I laid there I couldn't help but to maintain a rock hard boner. I also noticed that it tingled/itched, prodding me to touch it. 
I put my hand in my shorts and gently glided the skin up and down the shaft. Oh, did it relieve the tingly itch, but soon the itch came back. Amazingly nature was teaching me to masturbate! No one was in the den or could see me, so I pulled down my shorts and underwear. It felt so wonderful to glide my skin up and down the shaft. The tighter I gripped, the better. After a few times I felt what I can only describe as an electric shock throughout my body! It scared me at first and I stopped. Soon I became very curious and decided I would not stop when I got that feeling.
 I gripped my penis tightly. I can still feel the muscle of my little hard shaft as the soft outer layer of skin glided over it. The electric shock feeling came again. I let it get stronger and stronger and suddenly I felt like I was going to pee all over the place. I held back and hard as I could, but could not stop the powerful sensation. My dick was pointed upwards and I watched in amazement as it erupted in a fountain of very white, foamy "stuff". I shot high up in the air and then spattered on my little tummy. I made about three copious shots until I felt my cum running off myself. I cupped my hand under it all and bolted for the bathroom which was right near by. I sopped-up all this gooey "stuff" and then began to feel like I was going to be sick. It felt like someone punched me in the stomach. I laid back down and tried to suppress the sick feeling which eventually subsided.
Now between this and the recent naughty sleepover with my friend, I was all the more confused!
What's interesting is how my first cum was practically all water, my second was this powerful fountain of white foamy sperm, and then afterwards, the typical spurt of a teaspoon of clear/milky sperm. 
I've never came like I did on that first masturbation session ever again, and I never chatted with anyone who's had a similar experience. If I had it on video it would amaze anyone! - as well as be quite popular I'm sure ;)

Hope you enjoyed  :) Joe 

Monday, August 6, 2018

I was Maybe his Secret Gay Outlet?

This post came in intended to be a comment I believe, however I wanted to allow all of our readers to appreciate.

I had a friend as a young teen (the word 'friend' might be stretching it), who would only come by me in school or talk to me I suppose only when he was gay-horny and he knew I would jerk him off or give him oral and keep it private. 

What he'd do is see me between classes and say, "Wanna come over my house after school?" I knew what he was actually saying was he wanted me to come over and jerk him off. (He'd touch and play with mine a little bit, but never enough to make me cum.) Once he had his climax it was pretty clear it was time for me to go home. So I think this boy had a lot of conflict and guilt about this, and I was maybe his secret gay outlet? 

We were 14. 


Sunday, August 5, 2018

The Shame in Something Gay - Persecution Prevails

Here is a topic for you guys. I read something like this many years ago and was astounded how high the number is.

I heard that the overwhelming majority of males have had a same-same sex experience at some point in their lives and many live guilty and ashamed, or even confused by it, their entire lives. Especially if they enjoyed the experience.

I believe that is why a lot of "straight" males act so anti-gay. It's a wall they hide behind to be sure within themselves that there is no question as to their sexuality despite what happened.